Basic Problems with Slushy Machine

1.machine Leaking image
In the event that your machine is releasing, the initial step is to work out where the break is coming from. This will decide how to fix the hole.
Tap Leaking
In the event that the break is coming from the tap, on your slush machine, the reason is typically a solid tap or harmed seals. First have a go at greasing up the tap at the pivot point, you may need to give the tap several goes to get the oil into the system.
In the event that this doesn't settle your spillage, check the seals inside the tap head and check they are in the correct spot and not torn. On the off chance that the seal is broken, you can arrange an extra here.
Flood Outlet Leaking
In the event that your flood source is releasing clear fluid, this isn't anything to stress over! This is essentially buildup from an external perspective of the machine being gathered and discarded.
Be that as it may, if the fluid is a similar shading as your slush, there is probably going to be harm inside your machine. Right off the bat, check the seal at the rear of each tank is fitted appropriately is as yet flawless.
In the event that your seal glances fit as a fiddle, check the shaft and its seal for mileage. As a rule, it will be the seal that is causing the break which will just need supplanting. Notwithstanding, it is conceivable that the shaft itself is worn out, which is more hard to do at home so you may need some extra support.

2.Overheating image

Machine overheating is likewise brought about by a confined wind stream.
On the off chance that your slush machine is excessively hot, ensure there is at any rate 20cm of leeway around the machine and that the condenser channel is cleaned as above.

A few commotions coming from the machine are totally typical, for instance each machine makes a clicking clamor as temperature changes are made. While this is more normal in more current machines, you may at present have the option to hear it on more seasoned machines.
Another issue we regularly get with clients is a squeaking commotion coming from inside the slush tank. This is quite often because of the barrel and twisting being dry. The barrel inside the tank should consistently be lowered under the slush blend which will forestall the talking commotion.

On the off chance that your machine is solidified outwardly of the tank, the slush proportion might not have enough water. To redress this, switch off your slush machine and let the slush defrost, eliminate the combination from the tank and top off with a slush blend with a proportion of 6:1.
On the other hand, freezing could be because of the machine being left on for a really long time. Ensure you turn off the machine while it's not being utilized and permit the slush to completely defrost prior to exchanging back on. This should be possible short-term on the off chance that you like.